Taking place the same weekend as PAX Prime, only a few blocks up the road [...] is a much smaller but equally interesting event: the Seattle Indie Expo. Designed to give a homier venue to a cadre of local developers, the SIX showcases a group of panel-selected games from Seattle creators.

Erin Hyles, PCGamer

Just wanted to say thank you for such a great event. My son LOVED it. He likes to make games and it was really cool for him to play and meet the developers. He found some games we will have to buy! I really appreciated how kind and nice all of the people I met were. Thanks and we will be back next year!

Erika, SIX Fan

While there is a lot of fun to be had and stuff to be seen on the convention floor, that’s not the only place to find great games. No, there is also a haven of indie gaming called the Seattle Indies Expo...

Josh Speer, Operation Rainfall

...the SIX team was super helpful and the space had a really positive atmosphere – this was one of the best showings of A Tofu Tail that we have had and we owe it all to them!

A Tofu Tail, Alchemdium



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