Required Assets

  1. A playable demo, for juror evaluation
  2. A video trailer & 2 screenshots
  3. A game website & logo


  1. Your game studio must be located in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, or Vancouver BC). Having attendees be able to engage directly with game creators is also fundamental to SIX, so we require that the developers be physically present at the event.
  2. We ask that games that also applied for and were accepted into PAX or Indie Megabooth pass their spot to the next game in line, to give lesser known developers a chance at the spotlight.
  3. To keep our line-up diverse, a single game is limited to exhibiting a maximum of 2 times at SIX. We also ask that exhibitors re-apply only if they have had substantial content & gameplay changes from their previous showing.


  1. Tabletop and alt-control games of all kinds are highly welcome! However, it is your responsibility to coordinate delivering a copy of your game to us before the June 9th deadline. We will not accept physical games that submit on the last day of applications.
  2. Hard-wired internet is not available due to costs, and while complimentary Wi-Fi will be provided to exhibitors, we cannot guarantee its stability or uptime. We strongly recommend offline modes, or tethering if connectivity is a must for your game.
  3. Due to the above limitation, we cannot accept online-only multiplayer games. If submitting an online multiplayer game, you must have an offline mode with bot AIs.

Selection Process

Although we wish we had room for all the games that apply, we have space for just 25 games while receiving 50-60 applications each year. Our selection process consists of a panel of volunteer jurors from the Seattle Indies community, with each game receiving at least 4 jurors playing and reviewing it. At the end of the written review is a vote for whether the juror thinks the game should be shown at SIX. If a game received 4 Yes's and 1 No, its final score is 4 / 5 = 80%. At the end of jurying, we select the 25 highest-scoring games.

Our jurying system guarantees that:

  1. Your game will be played by 4-5 jurors for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  2. You will receive an email and PDF containing your juror feedback, including a list of actionable suggested improvements, and a list of positive quotes about the game. You can view a sample here for an idea of what to expect.
  3. You retain the right to use said quotes in PR & presskit materials (attributable to Seattle Indies Expo).


  1. It costs $6 to apply to SIX. Our volunteers sink a lot of time and love into jurying and providing feedback - to respect their efforts, we require this as a minimum barrier to entry.
  2. If you're chosen to exhibit, the cost of a table is a further $66. We provide exhibitors with a table, tablecloth, power strip, chairs, and snacks. Everything else, such as signage, printed materials, devices, monitors, and peripherals must be self-provided.

Sorry! Applications are currently closed, and will open up again on May 1st of next year.
Until then, you can sign up to get an email reminder when applications open.