Started in 2011 from the humble offices of 17-BIT, SIX began as showcase of just 17 games with an audience of primarily game devs. It’s grown today to an event with over a thousand attendees, 60+ games applying each year (with many selected finalists going on to PAX10 / Indie Megabooth), and an amazing panel of 50+ jurors from the community.

The Team


Taking place the same weekend as PAX Prime, only a few blocks up the road [...] is a much smaller but equally interesting event: the Seattle Indie Expo. Designed to give a homier venue to a cadre of local developers, the SIX showcases a group of panel-selected games from Seattle creators.

Erin Hyles, PCGamer

SIX [was] one of the best-run festivals I’ve ever participated in... I especially appreciated the transparency and thoroughness of the judging. After applying to a few big festivals that promised feedback but never gave any, SIX’s process was refreshing in a much-needed way.

Mike Sennot, Astronaut: The Best

[Seattle Indies Expo] highlighted some of the biggest divides in today’s gaming world, and particularly how different elements of modern gaming are being accepted and adapted by indie outlets versus big studios.

Claire Grane, GeekWire

[SIX] offered a welcome respite from the hectic, cramped convention scene. It was much like Seattle — hip, chill and mellow, and that is how I like my games.

Josh Speer, Operation Rainfall