While the major game studios convene at PAX West to show off multi-million dollar projects to fans struck with various levels of frenzy, some homegrown talent throws a party for the unheralded creative minds in this burgeoning industry.

Seattle Met

...As a journalist covering PAX, the Seattle Indies Expo is always a personal highlight for me. Coming from London [...], I find it heartening to see that there is a vibrant community of creators from both cities doing incredibly well.

Chris O'Regan, Senior Editor @

I do not know the exact numbers, but we definitely had a nice crowd. Someone was playing my game at both stations pretty much all the time, and I was surprised how many were willing to sign up for my newsletter. Impressions from the play-throughs were also overwhelmingly positive....

Jakub Kasztalski, HEADLINER

...SIX [was] one of the best-run festivals I've ever participated in. The festival itself had a great laid-back atmosphere... I especially appreciated the transparency and thoroughness of the judging. After applying to a few big festivals that promised feedback but never gave any, SIX's process was refreshing in a much-needed way.

Mike Sennot, Astronaut The Best



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